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What We're Trying to Do
The goals of Help 4 Food Pantries are ambitious.
Our main goal, of course, is to help as many people in need as we can.
Click on the Program names above and see what it is we're either doing or looking at doing in the near future.
Our Program wish may seem overwhelming but with the backgrounds of Carol and myself they can be, and will be accomplished.
Your help will always be appreciated to help us help those that need it most, and help some of the organizations that help them as well.

Questions ?
Email our Executive Director and Founder
William Bailey

Please Send any Inquiries To:
Help 4 Food Pantries
c/o William Bailey
P.O. Box 248247
Columbus, OH, 43224

Or alternatively you can Email Us and let us know what you think or how we can help.

If you wish to join our Mailing List please include your full name and email address with your inquiry.

Help4FoodPantries is currently seeking 501(3)(c) status in the State of Ohio.